Yerba Mate Powder


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– 100% natural freeze dried
– Non GMO Verified
– Organic
– Vegan
– Kosher

(10kg minimum order)

Processing time: 1 Week


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Elevate your inventory with the exquisite vitality contained in Vita Forte’s Yerba Mate Powder—your wholesale pathway to a world brimming with energy and wellness. This 100% natural, freeze-dried marvel is the perfect addition for retailers seeking to cater to the health-conscious consumer.

Our Yerba Mate Powder is a testament to purity and sustainability. Certified organic, non-GMO, and vegan-friendly, it meets the highest standards of dietary inclusivity and ecological responsibility. The kosher certification further assures customers of its adherence to rigorous quality controls.

Ideal for bulk purchasers, our powder comes with a minimum wholesale order of 10kg, ensuring you have ample stock for your discerning clientele. The versatility of this product stands out—it can be effortlessly integrated into smoothies, baked goods or even formulated into supplements, making it a multifaceted ingredient that appeals to various lifestyle choices.

Rich in antioxidants and boasting a natural caffeine content ranging from 8-10%, Yerba Mate Powder offers a balanced alternative to coffee and tea. It delivers not only an energizing lift but also supports mental clarity and physical endurance—qualities highly sought after by individuals leading active lives.

Incorporate Vita Forte’s Yerba Mate Powder into your product line and provide your customers with more than just a product; offer them a journey towards enhanced vitality and health. Available now at competitive wholesale rates, seize the opportunity to be the supplier that stands out with our premium-grade Yerba Mate Powder.

For immediate assistance or inquiries regarding our products or services, please call us at +1 888-817-9726. Trust Vita Forte as your expert partner in organic ingredients—where excellence and customer satisfaction are always

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Roasted Organic Powder 100% – $975, Organic Powder 8-10% Caffeine – $780

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