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Who we are:
As civic-minded global citizens, Gabriela and Carlos Forte have helped in times of crises for many years. From assisting fishermen affected by hurricane Katrina to literal on the ground help in addition to raising and delivering resources to the ongoing crises in Greece with war-torn families in desperate need of sanctuary. In the fall of 2016, the Sobranes fire exploded in the community of Garrapata and Monterey, devastating in total, 132,127 acres of land. When the fire broke out Gabriela immediately knew what the needs of the firefighters would be and got to work gathering people in the community to donate. She called upon her fellow chefs that were on the ready to help in providing the firefighters with meals while Gabriela herself from her home kitchen cooked and prepared meals for any of the firefighter crews that she encountered throughout the day while being escorted through the fire zones to deliver aid. While delivering to the ensconced firefighters battling this wildfire, Carlos and Gabriela came to know the Midcoast fire crew and promptly saw the need to pull in aid for this volunteer fire brigade that was operating at a maximum output with anemic aid to keep themselves safe and provide coverage for their community. The Fortes pulled resources from local businesses and community members that were ready with open arms to help in any way to make sure that this fire crew was operating a full capacity. Carlos and Gabriela continued to distribute to the firefighter on the ground in any way possible, this turned into days, then weeks, and rolled into the following month. When it became apparent that out of town entities were not being responsive to the residents of the fire-torn communities specific needs for shelter, the Fortes again gathered resources and people to make a camp for displaced families. In the weeks that followed the camp provided meals, clothes drive, necessary everyday items, a safe place to sleep, activities, and a space to get some semblance of a normal life. The Soberans fire in 2016 was a call to become a larger more mobile "body" to help raise and assist in donations while delivering resources directly to people and communities in need of focused and effective relief. The Vita Forte Inc Foundation is a nonprofit provider without red tape or middlemen, we pull from established arms of resources and associations that in turn helps us to deliver on the ground aid and rapid support so that people do not fall without notice. Our community is inclusive to everyone, we move to help global and local. A cornerstone of our mission is to be a resourceful helping hand up and we accomplish this with your open heart reinforcements.Carlos & Gaby-Vita Forte Foundation